Alvotech Facility5
Alvotech Facility5

Purpose driven culture

A purpose-driven culture is essential to any company's success, particularly in an industry such as ours. Being motivated by a purpose means doing a job that matters to us, our company and the world. Our job isn't just about turnovers or profits, but above all the goal to enhance people's lives and stay at the forefront of our field. That will always remain our primary motivation and what makes us more productive and successful at what we do. It gives us that extra spark that enables us to create engagement and inspiration.

Our purpose-driven culture inspires everything we do and guides our strategic choices, drives our relationships and enables us to make positive change in people’s lives around the world.


We play as one


…are bound by a common vision and a strong, colorful culture

…are committed to highest quality standards for all our products and services

…consistently provide the best service in our industry

…believe everything is possible

…play as one and we are all a part of a winning team

…take action and responsibility

Robert Wessman on the Alvogen culture:

“Our dynamic culture remains our secret ingredient…….and it is so powerful because culture and engagement is almost impossible to duplicate.”

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